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eLynx Embeds Full-Service 4506-T Processing Into Mortgage Disclosures

Enhanced capabilities remove unnecessary interactions with outside parties and fundamentally improve how lenders obtain tax information.

January 23, 2013

CINCINNATI – January 23, 2013 — With the IRS finally accepting electronically signed 4506-T forms, the last hurdle to a completely electronic disclosure set is gone.  To help lenders meet the IRS’s specifications and fully capitalize on the benefits of this evolution, eLynx is now a registered Income Verification Express Service (IVES) vendor.  


Lenders can process the 4506-T with all other disclosure documents in a seamless workflow, through a single vendor who also facilitates all necessary data and document exchanges.


“Our integration of both eSignature technology and IVES participation significantly changes how lenders obtain income verification,” said Alec Cheung, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at eLynx. “The full-service nature of our services ensures lenders no longer have to interact with another third-party vendor to process the application.  Income verification can immediately follow the signing of a disclosure package, removing several days and manual steps from the process, and improving the overall customer experience.”


When the disclosure package is completed, eLynx will extract and forward the electronically signed 4506-T to the IRS, retrieve the resulting tax transcripts, and return the data and all documents back to the lender quickly and securely.  eLynx's e4506-T service systematically manages all the data, both electronically and via an alternate paper channel, creating sophisticated audit trails of all events and activities.


Unlike other technology and vendor solutions, eLynx is uniquely positioned to streamline the handling of 4506-Ts. “For many years, lenders have been sending disclosure documents on eLynx’s expedite® platform,” said Laura Venerable, Senior Product Manager at eLynx.  “Including the management of the 4506-T is a natural enhancement and extension of the expedite suite.”


For borrowers who do not have email addresses or who prefer printed documents, eLynx’s print services can automatically take over without manual intervention. Business rules ensure that the disclosure set, with the 4506-T, is received within RESPA timeframes and as part of a comprehensive document set, not just an isolated, standalone document.


The e4506-T service is available immediately.  For more information, see



About eLynx

eLynx, a portfolio company of American Capital (NASDAQ: ACAS), helps customers in the financial services and real estate industries capture and manage documents and associated data electronically throughout the document life cycle, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, reducing costs, improving workflow efficiency, and automating paper-intensive processes.  The company’s expedite® cloud-based platform and network supports a comprehensive suite of on-demand document collaboration, distribution, and connectivity services that can be deployed independently or as a fully integrated end-to-end eMortgage solution. eLynx serves more than 4,000 clients of all sizes worldwide, including 25 of the top 50 U.S. banks and maintains the largest and most comprehensive database of validated real estate agents in the U.S. More than 4 million users have adopted eLynx's enterprise document output solutions. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. It has offices and redundant data and print centers in Cincinnati and Beaverton, Oregon. For more information, visit


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