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Who we are

eLynx is a team of highly experienced and motivated professionals dedicated to providing products and services that help our customers meet their financial and business objectives. With a strong focus on the financial services industry, eLynx has been providing on-demand Web-based services for secure, paperless document collaboration and distribution since 1994.


Using eLynx, our customers capture and maintain data electronically throughout document lifecycles, automating paper-intensive processes, improving workflow, reducing costs and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. More than 500 banks – including some of the leading mortgage lenders in the United States – rely on eLynx’s on-demand Web-based services for electronic processing, distribution, and collaboration throughout the loan process. This experience, coupled with an on-demand platform and a broad suite of service offerings, makes eLynx an ideal partner for lenders looking to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the fast-changing lending marketplace. eLynx can provide proven solutions that will help you differentiate yourselves in the market, optimize your efficiency, and maximize your profits.


eLynx is unique in its qualification to help you pursue electronic mortgage and paperless initiatives while minimizing start-up and operational costs.