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Data Integration

eLynx services can be tailored to fit and adapt to many different workflows. The Expedite platform acts as a document and data delivery system between enterprises and their consumers and partners.  It provides a common way to transfer data and documents with a single interface.  


There are different categories of integration depending on the level of workflow automation required. We are currently working with the major title underwriting companies to standardize the flow of data between their agents and eLynx, automating the flow of data between lenders and those title underwriters. We can also provide Web services interfaces that can be integrated with lenders' systems. For lenders needing less automation, we can provide interfaces for manually submitting the data so that it can be entered once and used throughout the loan process.



  • HUD-1 reconciliation (eHUD)
  • Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative (LQI)
  • eClosing
  • Investor Delivery
  • QC and recordation


  • Reduce potential errors from entering data manually
  • Cut manual steps out of workflow
  • Standards-based data format (MISMO 3.0)
  • Accelerated funding
  • Integration into eClosing applications
  • Eliminate need to build point-to-point connections with each partner.