According to FBI statistics, over 60% of all mortgage fraud includes income or identity misrepresentations.  To combat this, lenders use tools available from the IRS to verify a borrower’s income.  The IRS 4506-T has become a requirement for virtually all mortgage originations and loan modifications. 


Until recently, the 4506-T was the only document in a mortgage disclosure package that had to be manually signed, leading to disjointed processing and workflows.  Working on paper, lenders routinely suffered 3-5 days waiting for the document to be signed and returned.  New IRS guidelines allow the 4506-T to be signed electronically, shaving several days off the process.  eLynx’s basic e4506-T service fully meets all IRS requirements from initial authentication and consent, to maintaining a tamper proof seal and audit trail of the transaction. 


While electronically signing a 4506-T has many tangible benefits, lenders can further simplify their income verification process by leveraging existing electronic methods. Tired of handling 4506-Ts returned on paper and scanning them for your loan folder?  Overwhelmed with having to order income verification from third parties and managing the results manually? eLynx’s premium
4506-T service is the solution.


Using the premium service, the disclosure process and income verification are fully integrated into a single solution, whether the documents are executed electronically or on paper.  As a registered IVES vendor, eLynx will automatically extract the 4506-T from the disclosure package, forward it to the IRS with all required data, and electronically return the results.  Using the integration with your systems that exist today for disclosures, the IRS transcripts are automatically added to the appropriate loan folder or file system.  All you do is wait for the notification that results are available.


Finally, full service income verification can be embedded within your existing disclosure process.


  • Save 3-5 days in obtaining authorization from the consumer
  • Render decisions on loans faster
  • Simplify income verification
  • Automate data in the loan folder
  • Eliminate extra handoffs and reduce interactions with different vendors
  • Save 1,080 trees per year
  1. Include the 4506-T in the mortgage disclosures sent to the borrower.
  2. The borrower electronically signs the 4506-T and completes the disclosure process.
  3. The signed 4506-T is extracted from the document and faxed to the IRS as an IVES request.
  4. Within 48 hours, the resulting transcripts are electronically returned to the lender.
  5. The loan officer or underwriter is notified that income verification results are available.

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