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When tomorrow isn’t fast enough

One of the most effective ways to see immediate time and cost savings is to use an enterprise-wide eDelivery solution. For over a decade, eLynx has provided eDelivery applications that allow you to securely send data and documents where they need to go.


The great advantage of eDelivery is the speed.  Instead of waiting for days to receive a document in the mail, a notice arrives in email almost instantaneously.  eLynx’s eDelivery services require different levels of authentication to view the information, which is much more secure than regular email. All of the documents are available without using paper, ink, or the energy consumed in normal delivery of these items.  It is not just fast and safe, it is green.


Implementing an eDelivery solution is simple using eLynx’s EXP ePublisher. ePublisher enables you to capture documents in most of the common desktop formats, Word, Excel, PDF, and package them for immediate delivery. Documents can also be captured from a document preparation or enterprise system using standard print mechanisms. If a document can be printed, it can easily be dropped into ePublisher for delivery.


  • Sends documents and information almost instantaneously
  • Lowers cost – printing, paper, mailing – of delivering documents
  • Provides secure document delivery with tracking and auditability
  • Combines multiple documents into a single document or package to simplify consumption 
  • Can include optional E-SIGN and UETA-compliant eSignatures
  • It is green – an alternative to paper mailings
  • Can automatically print and mail documents if eDelivery is not successful
  1. Users create documents using a document origination system and print the document to the eLynx virtual printer.
  2. The service packages the document or documents and sends them to Expedite over a secure Internet connection.
  3. The service then notifies the document recipient by email that a document is waiting.
  4. The document recipient clicks an encrypted link in the email notification to access Expedite, retrieve the document, and view it.  If they choose, the document can be printed on any Windows® printer.
  5. Document senders receive a notification that the documents have been received.

Contact your eLynx sales representative today at  Installation of eDelivery services is quick and simple, with no impact on your existing systems.

eDelivery can be used to comply with new legislation.  With regulations, such as the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA) and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), lenders are required to send and track fee disclosure documentation. Complying with these legislations is seamless with eLynx electronic delivery.

  • Deliver your documents securely online.
  • Verify the package was picked up AND viewed with real-time delivery status.
  • Receive automatic alerts if package wasn’t viewed within a specified interval.