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Getting all the documents you need to complete a transaction is critical.  Often this documentation is in paper form or comes from sources that are not connected to you directly.  eLynx has a solution, offering a secure, convenient service that collects documents electronically using traditional fax technology.


Our inbound and outbound fax service makes collecting documentation from clients or third parties simple, secure, and paperless on your end.  It is easy to use, and more secure than faxing to a shared fax machine or attaching the document to an email.   And it is compliant with the most stringent industry regulations.



  • Receive a fax of any paper document you need to complete a transaction, including tax returns, W2s, appraisals, signed disclosures, employment verifications, and flood certificates.
  • Faxed documents are completely secure at all times—from the moment they leave the fax machine to the time they arrive at the recipient’s desktop electronically.
  • Familiar fax technology ensures that any external source can send you a document.

How It Works 

  1. eLynx provides each customer with one or more inbound fax numbers.  Customers can choose between a toll-free number and a number within the 971 area code.
  2. Document requesters use the system to generate a fax cover page, with an embedded security permit, and send it to the person with the source documents.
  3. The person faxes in the information using the provided cover page.
  4. The system captures the fax images and puts them in the right location according to the security permit.
  5. The system automatically notifies the requester that documents have been received.