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Take control of documents and processes with online document collection and collaboration.

Managing the complete life-cycle of your documents in a controlled online environment improves visibility and control of the process. eFolders enable you to capture and organize documents online, manage workflow, and index documents for easy access. You maintain security and privacy of customer information with a flexible permissions model.



  • Electronic loan folders
  • Secure drop box to collect documents from borrowers electronically
  • Electronic loan package building and delivery
  • Cloud-based infrastructure for document sets


  • Avoids waste from duplicating and routing documents
  • Shortens cycle times and eliminates unnecessary paper
  • Improves user experience for customers, colleagues, and third parties
  • Eliminates the paper chase across organizations

eFolder provides a new dimension to document communication—a paperless electronic folder where documents and files can be captured, managed, shared, reviewed, and approved. Complete document sets can be delivered to anyone with an Internet connection. Authorized users can have direct secure access to eFolders. Depending on permissions levels you control, workgroup members can have full access to all electronic folders and virtual file cabinets in the workspace or you can limit access and capabilities, just as you might for paper folders and file cabinets.

Many organizations using electronic collaborative systems struggle with how to bring outside parties into the process electronically without giving them system accounts. A feature unique to eFolder gives you the ability to allow outside participants to fax, upload, and print directly to an electronic folder without needing an account. This makes it possible to interact and collaborate with all the parties to the business process, both within your workgroup and outside of your workgroup. Loan applicants can fax in paystubs or upload tax returns. Third-party service providers can print certificates directly into the eFolder.  Multiple co-workers can access the folder simultaneously, eliminating unnecessary work and delays created by routing a paper folder from desk to desk.