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Inbox Portal

A consumer’s experience during the early phases of the loan process can greatly influence their choice of lender. With more options and the tendency to shop for loans online, lenders need ways to differentiate themselves and establish consumer trust. 


The Expedite® Inbox provides a solution with a flexible, intuitive and interactive portal.  Documents from different loan products are consolidated in a single dashboard establishing a more personalized consumer experience. And with the Account Status feature enabled in the Inbox, critical status and contact information are brought in the forefront allowing consumers to know exactly where they are in the process and who to contact for questions — further enhancing a consumer's experience. Ultimately this provides you a competitive advantage and results in a higher rate of closed loans.

  • Centralized and branded consumer experience
  • Consolidated view of all documents across lending products
  • Easy to use solution for sending documents to, and receiving documents from, customers
  • Automatically integrated with loan status and origination systems
  • Streamlined electronic signatures on key banking documents


Click on the link below for a demo of the Inbox Portal.



  • Consistent, consumer-focused approach across multiple lines of business
  • Higher customer loyalty through a more personalized, convenient experience
  • 20% performance improvement in the loan process by eliminating print and mail delays
  • 75% cost savings managing loan document electronically
  • 100% compliance solution using automated business rules and audit trail

The Expedite Inbox provides a compliance solution that is automatic and hands-off.  Embedded business rules determine when a document must be printed and mailed.  All compliance events and dates are tracked in a comprehensive audit trail.  The simple process of sending documents to the Inbox ensures that those documents will be received by the consumer, either electronically or in hard copy.