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Print and Mail

eDelivery is an efficient and cost-effective mechanism for getting documents to your customers.  But what happens if your customer doesn’t have an email address or chooses not to receive documents electronically?


eLynx has a solution with our comprehensive “Send it and forget it” services.  Multiple, redundant print centers can automatically print and mail documents that cannot be delivered electronically.  This service can be set up to automatically take over document delivery without manual or human intervention.  Documents are printed, assembled, addressed and sent using traditional delivery methods such as FedEx or UPS.  Outsourcing the print-and-mail workflow to eLynx can yield significant dividends by freeing up resources for other business needs. You save time, knowing your documents will be delivered.



  • “Send it and forget it,” efficiently delivers your high-value documents — either electronically or by mail
  • Improve efficiency and compliance with one workflow for both electronic and traditional paper delivery
  • Your resources are free to move to the next priority task, knowing that the documents will be delivered
  • Achieve RESPA compliance for information dissemination even when the consumer chooses not to receive documents electronically
  • Multiple, redundant print centers can efficiently print and deliver your documents


How it Works

If no email address is known, the configured timeframe for electronic pickup has expired, or the recipient declines to receive documents electronically:


  1. The system automatically routes the electronic package to the appropriate print center. 
  2. The documents are printed on letter and/or legal white bond paper.
  3. The package to a single address is assembled.  Supplemental materials, such as booklets or folders, can be included. 
  4. The package is addressed and prepared for delivery using your choice of delivery methods (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.). 
  5. The package is sent, in most cases on the same day it is received. 
  6. A status notification about the printed package is sent to the sender.