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Post-Close Tool

eLynx Post-Close Tool™ provides an automated post-closing audit and delivery solution that sorts and audits the post-closing documents to enhance consistency and completeness. It then re-arranges and delivers the documents electronically based on lender or investor specifications, all within minutes.


  • Improved productivity — automated repackaging and audit eliminate the manual processing of final closing documents reducing the processing time to a matter of minutes.
  • Cost savings —  fewer errors, a higher compliance rate, and faster turnaround times translates quickly into labor and other cost savings.
  • Transaction-based payment model — no upfront capital requirements, licensing fees, and integration costs.
  1. The executed closing package is submitted to the Post-Close Tool.
  2. The package is scanned to identify and index the individual documents in the package.
  3. Each document is subjected to a customized post-closing audit to identify missed signatures, missing pages, and other errors regardless of the source.
  4. All documents are re-stacked and delivered electronically according to each lender’s specifications.
  5. Data can be extracted from those documents to augment eLynx’s audit tools.

Snapshot from an eLynx Post-Close Audit Tool Summary Report


Post-Close Audit Tool