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eLynx Solution Gateway

The eLynx Solutions Gateway (eSG) is a flexible platform that simplifies and automates the interaction between the eLynx services and your business processes, systems, and workflow. It is ideal for high-volume implementations where streamlining the user experience and automating the flow of data and documents is important.  The eSG can provide a direct connection to eLynx or it can support a connection via Web services. Both methods create the secure electronic connection that makes it possible to automate the bi-directional exchange of documents, data, and status messages between you and the eLynx services you use.


The eSG works seamlessly with all expedite features making it a fast and easy option for implementing eLynx services. This widely used, proven method of integration can dramatically shorten the implementation cycle and time-to-market of  new expedite-based solutions. Once the eSG is in place, additional eLynx services can be added at any time, quickly and easily and without disrupting your existing workflow.


In addition to being a flexible integration platform, the eSG can also serve as an application platform to host other eLynx Software Tools. These tools can extend the standard expedite services to better align with your business processes and systems. The eSG can quickly be configured to automate a wide range of printing, format conversion, file manipulation, and document and data capture processes. This allows eLynx to tailor solutions to meet each customer's specific needs without requiring changes to core expedite applications.


eLynx Solutions Gateway