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eLynx pioneered the on-demand delivery of essential business process solutions to the mortgage industry before Software-as-a-Service and Cloud computing were the ubiquitous buzzwords they are now. Since 1994, eLynx has continuously enhanced their service offerings while building out a cloud-based infrastructure that is the most widely used network for electronic document collaboration and distribution services for the financial services industry. In addition, eLynx offers a suite of software tools that can be employed in conjunction with Expedite or, in some cases, as standalone solutions.

Expedite for Lenders

Expedite®  from eLynx enables secure document delivery, fulfillment, and workflow efficiencies for the complete life-cycle of the lending workflow.  It is a proven foundation for lending transformation initiatives designed to improve compliance, reduce costs, increase pull through, and engender a strong community of loyal, satisfied end-user customers and business partners.

On-demand Platform

eLynx document  distribution and collaboration services are delivered in a cloud-based infrastructure via the eLynx on-demand SaaS platform. The eLynx platform delivers highly-available, secure and scalable services to organizations of all sizes. It can help you be more efficient and competitive today and provide a platform for the evolution of your electronic business processes.