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Consulting Services

In addition to standard implementation and ongoing support, eLynx offers a suite of consulting services that can help you make the most of eLynx services within your business processes.


FastStart Programs

Three progressive levels of deployment services are available that provide various levels of training and operational support for your staff. The basic level of deployment services is designed to prepare your staff to support the integration of the eLynx services with your business systems and processes. Mid-level services add a structured technical training and knowledge-transfer program to maximize the skills of your support resources. In addition, eLynx will help your operations staff to analyze and fine tune your eLynx services to maximize their adoption and usage within your company. The third level of service provides for outsourced support of the deployment and ongoing operational support during initial operations. Transfer of operational support to internal staff follows a mutually agreed upon timetable that offers resource mentoring for technical operations, business systems support, and technical call support.


Feasibility Assessment

The Feasibility Assessment is an in-depth analysis of your cost, benefit, and process requirements with respect to deploying eLynx services. It focuses on functional and financial traceability and will help prepare your organization to make informed decisions on your technology initiatives, how they fit within strategic objectives and how you can measure and quantify success.


Performance Management

Through a series of facilitated planning sessions, the eLynx team will work to identify and align areas such as critical indicators, metrics and activities with your specific objectives and performance criteria. These values will be aligned with your formal measurement framework, or we can work with you to develop a structured means to measure and monitor performance in a way that is meaningful to you.


Supplemental Training

eLynx Training Services are designed to provide you with supplemental and customized training services allowing you to realize the greatest value from eLynx services. These training services can provide a customized curriculum and content that is coordinated with existing corporate training materials, onsite and offsite training sessions, and options for multimedia training delivery.