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Technical Support


Service levels that fit your needs

eLynx provides recognized support programs to help you fully leverage the value of your eLynx investment.  eLynx Technical Support is a proven business strategy to protect, extend and enhance your eLynx solution.  Our services are based on over 20 years of experience, best practices and lessons learned in a variety of financial services markets.  Our ongoing commitment to customer success has helped eLynx establish and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.


Benefits of eLynx Technical Support

With eLynx, you can see how proactive support enhances the success of your eLynx solution.

  • Maximize your return based on our services geared for optimizing and streamlining your operations

  • Maximize your performance and uptime with the very latest technology, monitoring and support resources

  • Maximize your long-term benefits with ongoing technical support that are scaled to your growing needs

  • Maximize your competitive advantage with coordinated services from eLynx Technical Support and Professional Services groups helping to sharpen your competitive edge in today’s demanding markets


Your key to continuous improvement

eLynx Technical Support fosters continuous improvement with regular analysis and reporting of key usage and adoption metrics.  With eLynx, you’ll have much more than “tech support."  You’ll have a business partner dedicated to your success.