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Electronic Closing

During the Post Close and Servicing phase of loans, documents are often converted to paper because lenders lack the infrastructure for secure electronic delivery of servicing documents to borrowers. For example, your backend system may be designed to print statements to paper and it may not be cost-effective or desirable to redesign the system to generate electronic documents instead of paper statements. Another common issue is handling documents that require signatures: Without the ability to capture binding signatures electronically, you may have to rely on wet signatures which would require in-house staff to process and scan incoming mail before you could leverage electronic delivery to borrowers. eLynx can help you automate the post close and servicing operation.



Online Servicing

We integrate electronic document delivery, online forms, electronic consent and eSignatures into your portal. Information and documents from multiple systems of origination can be presented within a single, consistent interface. Borrowers can provide information back to you electronically.


Integrated Print and Mail Paper Fulfillment

When an electronic delivery channel is not an option or if the borrower requests paper, electronic documents are automatically routed to one of eLynx’s two print centers. eLynx prints the packages, inserts appropriate stuffers, mails them to your borrower and provides reports that document your compliance with RESPA.


eSignatures Enable Loan Modifications and Other Material Changes to Existing Loans

Using a combination of eDelivery, eSignature, and integrated print and mail services, eLynx can increase convenience for your borrowers and reduce cycle time and costs for you.



  • Reduce costs by eliminating outbound and inbound paper
  • Increase transparency
  • Reduce errors
  • Support borrower delivery preference (e, paper, fax) without maintaining multiple workflows

Signed application in under 30 minutes.

Underwriting at Internet speed.

Better experience with preview and trusted agents.

Loan modification in a lunch hour.

Expedite post close can save hundreds of dollars per loan.

Electronic investor delivery.