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Post Close

An efficient post-close process improves loan quality and reduces the time it takes to release funds so they can be used for new loans. However, most post close work today begins with paper. Documents are shipped from the closing table to the lender (or their QC provider). The QC operation is burdened with a high volume of paper that must be scanned, shredded, and then reviewed on-screen. In some cases, the entire process remains on paper. The time consumed by the manual handling delays the sale of the loan and thus limits funds for new loans.



eDelivery to QC

eDelivery offers secure and electronic delivery of post close loan information with QC providers.


Recording and eRecording

Our Electronic Closing Network (eCN) partner network provides recording services to supplement your QC processes.


Final Docs

eCN integration with post-close partners reduces the time associated with loan package reconciliation and allows greater transparency to the investor.



  • Reduce cycle-time of post-close process
  • Minimize the cost of exchanging information with QC providers
  • Reduce time to recordation by starting the process earlier
  • Provide transparency into management of post-close loan status

Signed application in under 30 minutes.

Underwriting at Internet speed.

Better experience with preview and trusted agents.

Loan modification in a lunch hour.

Expedite post close can save hundreds of dollars per loan.

Electronic investor delivery.