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Secondary Market

With increased regulation and market uncertainty, investors are increasingly concerned with the transparency and quality of the loans they purchase. Some investors are planning to review HUD and appraisal data and documents prior to committing to purchase a loan. eLynx gives lenders the ability to quickly deliver loan documents and data to investors before, during and after closing.



Electronic Investor Delivery

Collaborate with your investors and support compliance with rapidly changing requirements.  eLynx currently supports multiple investor-specific protocols, including delivery requirements to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.


Lenders can use the eLynx Investor Delivery offering to deliver loans to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac that support Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD) standards. To improve loan quality, data can be submitted in the ULDD format at any point in the mortgage process.


Appraisal, Credit, and HUD Data Delivery

As a result of recent mortgage market and regulatory changes, investors are looking for additional data to make purchase decisions. Stay ahead of the trend and use the same trusted service to provide your investor community the loan information they require.



  • Maintain only one connection to eLynx while eLynx maintains the connectors to your investors
  • Deliver loan documents and data electronically to investors
  • Reduce cost of the process for you and your investors
  • Free up funds faster than your paper-based competitors

Signed application in under 30 minutes.

Underwriting at Internet speed.

Better experience with preview and trusted agents.

Loan modification in a lunch hour.

Expedite post close can save hundreds of dollars per loan.

Electronic investor delivery.