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A well executed mortgage closing is critical to delivering an excellent customer experience, generating sellable loans, and preventing losses from fraud and HUD-1 errors. eLynx can significantly improve the closing process by offering secure electronic closing document delivery in 1997 and remains an innovative leader today, supporting both e-closing and wet-signature closing scenarios.



Traditional Closing

eLynx can help simplify and speed traditional closings by delivering closing documents to your settlement agents electronically. This can reduce the delay that often results from last minute changes in the loan documents. Closing packages are delivered electronically to the settlement agent who can print the documents and deliver them to the closing table almost immediately.


Hybrid eClosing

Your borrowers can sign many documents from the comfort of their own home. This means less time spent at the closing table. If e-signing is not an option, you can still give your borrower a preview of the closing documents, reducing questions and errors at the closing table and speeding up the signing process.


eMortgage and eClosing

If you’re ready for full eMortgage, eLynx, together with our partners, can offer you a solution to keep your closing process electronic, including an Electronic Closing Room, eNote with MERS Registration, Electronic Vault, and eRecording (in accepting counties).


eClosingNet for secure, transparent and connected closings

This solution builds on traditional, hybrid, and eMortgage/eClosing workflows by adding unique capabilities that enable you to take control of the closing (and post-closing) process. Take advantage of Settlement Agent Management with Closing Document Delivery and Multi-Lien Fraud Alerts, eHUD and interaction with industry partners.



  • Direct integration with settlement, title-underwriting and recording services partners
  • Auditable and transparent closing process
  • Confirmation of settlement agent’s status with the title underwriter
  • Reduced risk of fraud with multi-lien fraud alerts so you can take action before closing
  • Streamlined HUD reconciliation and approval process to reduce errors and penalties
  • Less paper and fewer errors at the closing table
  • Improved borrower experience

Signed application in under 30 minutes.

Underwriting at Internet speed.

Better experience with preview and trusted agents.

Loan modification in a lunch hour.

Expedite post close can save hundreds of dollars per loan.

Electronic investor delivery.