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Paper-based underwriting slows down the process and makes it difficult to balance workload across geographically distributed processing centers. eLynx can help you solve this problem by moving all of the documents online and into workflow-enabled electronic loan folders. This enables you to track the status of each loan, view documents online, organize documents according to your indexing conventions, quickly find loans and documents and even split documents (e.g., multi-document fax from a borrower) online.



Electronic delivery to underwriting

With a couple of clicks your agents can deliver contents of an entire electronic folder to an underwriter.


Electronic loan folders and on-screen underwriting

This powerful approach enables your underwriters to work inside the loan folders, view documents online, and then approve or reject a loan with appropriate notations. As the loan moves from one stage of the workflow to the next, notifications are generated to inform other employees of the status changes. In addition to documents, employees can capture notes about the loan file and specific documents in a secure electronic workspace.


Electronic processing of 4506-T

Obtaining real-time data that allows underwriting to analyze and verify a borrower’s income is key to the decision process. eLynx’s
e4506-T offering provides a full spectrum of services – from allowing the consumer to electronically sign the form, to automatically putting a copy of the results returned from the IRS into your loan folder.



  • Increased process transparency
  • Reduced cost due to the elimination of paper
  • Increased underwriting speed
  • More efficient workload management
  • Improved security of sensitive borrower information
  • Share electronic documents and documentation with authorized participants in the loan

Signed application in under 30 minutes.

Underwriting at Internet speed.

Better experience with preview and trusted agents.

Loan modification in a lunch hour.

Expedite post close can save hundreds of dollars per loan.

Electronic investor delivery.