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eLynx delivers a comprehensive portfolio of modular document distribution and collaboration solutions on our Expedite business process platform, which is built on an on-demand system to provide interoperability throughout the internal and external banking enterprise. The comprehensive eLynx solution portfolio helps optimize banking business processes, making it possible for organizations to transform their business in areas such as banking processes for loans to help streamline and simplify their core banking operations across product and service lines.


Across the banking industry documents and data are critical components of enterprise operations and key to optimizing relationships with customers and employees alike. Document communications is a core business function that demands a great amount of time and resources to manage properly.


In today’s electronic world, banks must manage documents and data in all mediums, including paper, electronic, and online. These documents can reside on or come from many diverse systems — including e-mail, enterprise content management, business process management, lines of business and enterprise resource planning platforms — in any number of formats.


The banking enterprise is left juggling these different document formats and communicating through multiple channels with customers, employees, investors, third-parties, brokers, agents and others. The result is counterproductive fragmentation and integration headaches for the enterprise, quite likely conducting hundreds of such business processes every day. In turn, many document-related tasks require manual processing, exacting an inordinate amount of time, money and resources from the enterprise.


In order to grow their customer base as well as revenue while reducing costs and improving productivity and competitiveness, forward-looking banks should consider employing a comprehensive enterprise document communications strategy. Such a strategy will give the organization the ability to capture, route, present, transform and manage documents across a full range of mediums to facilitate business communication and process execution.