Real Estate


eLynx’s portfolio of offerings has now converged into a single powerful solution called the Electronic Closing Network (eCN) where people, technology, processes and innovation create market-leading solutions for the real estate industry.  We have close to 20 years of leadership serving the real estate market along with relationships with 100,000 settlement agent professionals.


As a provider of critical settlement services, you receive and process mortgage loan documents from multiple parties with multiple systems. Every system—including your own—likely has some form of automation to help streamline internal workflow. Frequently that automation doesn’t help until the information is manually downloaded or otherwise entered. The result? Higher costs for labor, supplies and shipping, a greater opportunity for error, and reduced transparency and security. Furthermore, some important processes—such as automatic HUD-1 reconciliation or eMortgage—can’t take place without effective electronic collaboration among all parties to the transaction. eLynx created eCN to automate those critical connections, lower closing costs and significantly improve overall loan quality.

Built on eLynx’s expedite platform—the most widely used document distribution and collaboration platform in the industry—eCN links disparate and isolated parties that have their own unique supporting systems and eClosing conduits. Whether you’re a settlement agent, title underwriter, recording servicer, QC provider or investor, you’ll find that eCN transforms the closing/post-closing process into one that is more collaborative, transparent, secure and efficient.